ᗯE ᗷE ᒪIT

➡️You MUST ALWAYS be respectful! We are here to have fun and enjoy each other's company! Let's act like grown adults!

➡️No spamming. We can't see other messages if you spam multiple times in a row so please don't do it.

➡️Follow the Ezcapechat Community Guidelines. You can find them here: https://ezcapechat.com/terms

➡️No hate speech of any kind towards race, disability, age, or gender. No racial slurs of ANY KIND.

➡️Keep disagreements to a minimum. Yes, they are bound to happen but keep basic civility and respect in mind. Also, if you're asked to stop when a Owner, Mod or Admin says, then stop! There will be consequences if you don't!

➡️ABSOLUTELY NO TALK OF POLITICS! I CANNOT stress this rule enough! Not everyone will have the same opinions or beliefs. It's best to just not talk about it.


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