ARTs, Cats & Derbs

You DON'T HAVE to own cats to chill here & you DON'T HAVE to dab to hang out! (JUST NO CAT-HATERS)
.participate please
.CAM up or get out!
.NO face NO SPACE!
.I don't know you then I cant have you creeping on us. if you communicate clearly you might be able to get away w no cam for a while
(BLEU has a very mentally-ill relentless STALKER! WE NEED to make sure you AREN'T THEM!)
.creeping is a BANNABLE offence
.no disrespect plz
.dabs, tokes, drinks Encouraged
.keep hard drugs limited
.NO male nudity!!!
>CROSSDRESSING FRIENDLY! All costumes any day are WELCOME!!!
.Female Nudity is welcome
.MEN need to RESPECT THE WOMEN .This is a place to DE-stress
.BPD & PTSD support group
.healing center for Narcissistic abuse
.Venting & talking about things that is bothering you IS WELCOME...
.Shitting on someone just trying to vent IS NOT WELCOME
.HATE is NOT welcome
.This TOO shall pass! so just enjoy every SMALL MOMENT WE GET!
.Appreciate THE NOW!